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Thursday, April 13, 2017

In 2016, Rosteс signed contracts for USD 9 billion in the context of military and technical cooperation

Rosoboronexport, part of Rostec State Corporation, signed contracts in the context of military and technical cooperation for USD 9 billion. In last year's Russian regional export pattern of military equipment Asia took the first place. According to Rostec state corporation, the most in-demand armament is the aeronautical equipment which accounts for 40% of demand, air defence facilities together with naval engineering and land military equipment come then in equal shares.
"In 2016 Russian military and technical cooperation actors signed contracts for more than 9 billion USD," Dmitry Shugaev, Director of Russian Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation, told during his speech at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia
According to him, Asia as a region takes the first place in Russian export pattern of military equipment with 53% of total annual volume, Africa occupies the second place with 42% and then come North and South America with 3% and Europe with 2%.
"Asia-Pacific region will have a stable big share in our global procurement and cooperation," adds Viktor Kladov, Rostec Director of international cooperation and regional policy. "Speaking worldwide, aeronautical equipment, precisely airplanes and helicopters, account for 40% among the most in-demand Russian armament. Air defence equipment, naval engineering and land military equipment then come in equal shares".
As previously reported, in the coming years Rosoboronexport is going to keep the scope of Russian armament deliveries at the current level. It shall be reminded that in 2013 within Rosoboronexport's activity Russia supplied armament for more than USD 13 billion. In total, last year Russia sold military products for more than USD 15 billion.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rostec to supply Mi-171E helicopter to Pakistan

Russian Helicopters holding company (which is a part of State Corporation Rostec) is strengthening its positions at the civilian helicopters market of South Asia. A new contract for the supply of civilian multipurpose Mi-171E helicopter was signed with the government of Punjab province. Mi-171E helicopter will be manufactured at the facilities of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. 
Moscow / April 3, 2017-Under the terms of the contract, the helicopter will be transferred to the customer in the second quarter of 2017.

The helicopter will be made in the convertible version that will allow you to use it both as a transport flight vehicle and as a VIP cabin configuration able to take aboard 13 passengers accompanied by a flight attendant.

In its transport configuration, Mi-171E can carry up to 27 passengers in the jump seats and up to 4 tons of cargo inside the cargo cabin or on external sling.

"Good flight characteristics of the Russian helicopters combined with high reliability, simplicity of service and effectiveness in a wide range of temperatures, modes and altitudes ensure their popularity around the world.

Positive reputation of Russian Helicopters holding company as a reliable supplier of helicopters have contributed to the signing of the contract with the Punjab province government," said Deputy CEO for Marketing and Business Development of the Russian Helicopters holding company Alexander Shcherbinin.

It is expected that the Punjab province leadership will use the multipurpose Mi-171E helicopters for passenger and freight transportation, air ambulance tasks, patrolling and remedial actions in emergency situations.

The scope of possible applications of the helicopter is further expanded through the installation of a set of search-and-rescue equipment – LPG-150 winch and TSL-1600 searchlight. Increased flight safety is ensured due to the installation of Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Module.

In January 2017, Russian Helicopters holding company became the winner of the international tender and signed a contract with the government of Balochistan province (Republic of Pakistan) for the supply of Mi-171 civilian helicopters.

Mi-8/17 helicopters are produced by the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and Kazan Helicopters, which belong to Russian Helicopters holding company. As of 2014, over 12 thousand of these machines were produced, which is a record among twin-engine helicopters. They were supplied to more than 100 countries, and their total flight time totals about 100 million hours.

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