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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Russian Knights pilots praised Su-30SM fighters

Aerial display of  'Russian Knights' performing at LIMA 2017 

March 22, 2017  The press conference of “Russian Knights” aerobatic team took place at the "LIMA'17" international exhibition (Malaysia, Langkawi). The participants were pilots of the "Russian Knights" team, Commander of the Air Force - Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces of Russia LtGen Andrey Yudin, President of the Irkut Corporation Oleg Demchenko.

For the first time at the exhibition, “Russian Knights” pilots perform the new demonstration program flying Su-30SM fighters produced by Irkut Corporation (UAC member).

In the opening of the press conference, LtGen Andrey Yudin stated that Su-30SM fighters, which were flown by the “Russian Knights” aerobatic team in Malaysia, featured essentially new piloting and combat capabilities.

The lead pilot of “Russian Knight” Col Andrey Alekseev stressed: “It is the great honour for us to represent Russian Air Force with the best-in-the-world Su-30SM fighters, here in Malaysia. 

He also claimed that the new aircraft are completely comfortable for pilots. “All pilots of our aerobatic team have mastered Su-30SM, so we will start to demonstrate aerobatics of six-aircraft formation soon,” he added.

While speaking at the press conference, President of the Irkut Corporation Oleg Demchenko, named “Russian Knights” pilots as the national treasure of Russia.
Daily demonstration flights of Russian pilots evoke rave reviews of the exhibition visitors and the press.

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