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Thursday, March 26, 2015


From Left: Manoj Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer of Loka Wireless, and John Brosnan, Managing Director, BAE Systems, South East Asia signing the software evaluation agreement.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – During LIMA ’15, the aerospace and maritime exhibition which was held in Langkawi last week, BAE Systems, the global defence, security and aerospace manufacturer, signed an agreement with an upcoming Malaysian SME. The agreement allows Loka Wireless Sdn Bhd to evaluate BAE Systems’ Navigation via Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP) technology.

Unlike GPS, which uses satellite signals, NAVSOP is an advanced positioning system that exploits existing transmissions such as Wi-Fi, TV, radio and mobile phone signals to calculate the user’s location to within a few metres. The unique feature of NAVSOP is that it is able to calculate a location in areas such as indoor spaces and urban canyons where GPS is unable to provide an accurate location.

With the emergence of Location Based Services (LBS) and location based Internet of Things, (IoT), accurate indoor positioning has become ever more important and NAVSOP is expected to be a key enabler for such applications. Examples of IoT applications using NAVSOP include Location Aware Wearables, Location Aware Robotic Navigation, real-time location & monitoring systems at Ports, Mines, and O&G platforms. 

Loka Wireless, based in Kuala Lumpur, is a Malaysian systems developer, which currently develops and markets Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things wireless communications systems.  Under the terms of the agreement Loka Wireless will evaluate the NAVSOP technology, with a view to potential further development in Malaysia.

Manoj Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer of Loka Wireless, commented: “We are delighted that BAE Systems has given us the opportunity to evaluate this advanced technology.  Loka Wireless already has a strong background in developing location based wireless communications systems and we believe NAVSOP fits perfectly into our plans to provide indoor location based M2M & IoT products.   As a fast-moving Malaysian SME, we are looking to grow our portfolio of high technology products, as well as supporting the Economic Transformation Plan through the creation of jobs and new technologies.”

John Brosnan, Managing Director, BAE Systems, South East Asia, added: “We are delighted to be working closely with Loka Wireless, allowing them to evaluate the performance of this exciting NAVSOP technology, whilst giving them the opportunity to see what the next steps might be for the technology in Malaysia.  Our agreement with Loka Wireless is a perfect example of how BAE Systems is looking at sustainable innovation in high technology sectors of the Malaysian economy.”

Technical Details
By exploiting such a wide range of signals, NAVSOP is resistant to hostile interference such as jamming (a particular weakness of GPS) and spoofing, where a bogus signal tricks a device into misidentifying its location. The new system can learn from signals that are initially unidentified to build an ever more accurate and reliable fix on its location. Even the signals from GPS jammers can be exploited by the device to aid navigation under certain conditions.

The real beauty of NAVSOP is that the infrastructure required to make it work is already in place. There is no need to build costly networks of transmitters and the hardware behind the system is already commercially available. Another benefit is that it can be integrated into existing positioning devices to provide superior performance to GPS.

A major advantage of the system is its ability to function in places where GPS is unable to reach, such as dense urban areas and deep inside buildings. It is also able to work in the most remote parts of the world, such as the Arctic, by picking up signals that include Low-Earth-Orbit satellites and other civilian signals.
From aiding soldiers operating in remote or dense urban areas to providing improved security for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which could face attempts to disrupt their guidance systems, NAVSOP has a wide range of potential military and commercial applications.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Global defence, security and aerospace manufacturer, BAE Systems said today that it will continue to play a key role in supporting industry-related education and training to help shape high-skilled and quality talent in the areas of science and technology in Malaysia.

The company has announced a partnership with the MIGHT-Meteor Advanced Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).to jointly organise a schools outreach programme.  First launched at LIMA in 2011, the company sponsored 50 local school secondary school students from Langkawi to visit the show and to be inspired about technology and engineering, as a future career. This initiative supports the Malaysian Governments Science to Action programme.

During the visit, the school children learnt about maritime, air and cyber activities with BAE Systems, as well as visiting the full scale replica of the Eurofighter Typhoon and taking part in a BAE Systems’ quiz.

“By supporting this schools outreach programme during LIMA we aim to motivate and encourage young Malaysians to develop an interest in science and engineering, hopefully driving the students’ interest to pursue and build a career in these exciting fields. With a long heritage of over 30 years in Malaysia, BAE Systems is pleased to be able to play an instrumental role in fostering the development of local talent and driving interest to the industry”, said John Brosnan, Managing Director, BAE Systems, South East Asia.

With the schools outreach programme, BAE Systems’ education activities in Malaysia continue to strengthen and include:

•       Sponsorship of Chevening Scholarships – in its fourth year, BAE Systems now sponsors 35 Malaysian students on post-graduate degrees in the UK

•       The recently signed contract to fund an MSC in Cyber Security Management at the National Defence University of Malaysia with WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

•       Support for the LIMA ’15 Career Days

BAE Systems has strong track record and is dedicated to supporting the nation in its economic progress and welfare through long term commitment to the Malaysian armed forces, industry and government. In addition to its established office in Kuala Lumpur, the company also has a substantial presence in cyber security management through its Applied Intelligence business unit.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Perubahan warna yang lebih berkongsepkan penyamaran

Pesawat Sikorsky S61A-4 mula dioperasikan oleh TLDM sejak tahun 1967 dalam melaksanakan misi pengangkut trup, ulang bekal, Casevac/Medivac malah untuk operasi-operasi SAR. Jumlah pesawat adalah sebanyak 38 buah yang lebih popular dengan nama NURI.
Sehingga kini NURI sudah pun menjangkau usia 48 tahun dalam perkhidmatan TUDM dan purata jam penerbangan  setiap pesawat ialah 14,000 jam.  Untuk tempoh yang sama negara-negara lain yang menggunakan pesawat yang sama telah mencapai 60,000 jam penerbangan.
Dengan jumlah jam penerbangan yang  sangat kurang berbanding dengan negara lain di samping dengan pencapaian jumlah jam yang agak rendah  ini maka Syarikat Aerod Sdn Berhad telah mengesahkan bahawa pesawat NURI mampu untuk beroperasi untuk tempoh sekurang-kurangnya 15 tahun lagi.
Bertitik tolah daripada penerimaan pesawat EC725 oleh TUDM memungkinkan  kepimpinan tertinggi ATM dan kerajaan Malaysia melalui Kementerian Pertahanan mengambil keputusan untuk menyerahkan 12 buah pesawat NURI kepada TD  sebagai memenuhi keperluan penubuhan Rejimen helikopter utility manakala 15 buah pesawat lagi kekal di dalam inventori TUDM.
Majlis penyerahan pesawat NURI di LIMA’15 merupakan penanda bermulanya penyerahan pesawat ini oleh TUDM kepada TD secara berperingkat. Empat buah pesawat pertama yang telah  diserahkan secara  hot transfer   akan digunakan oleh TD sebagai pesawat latihan bagi menyediakan tenaga mahir TD mengoperasikan pesawat tersebut.
Seperti yang telah dirancang, semua pesawat NURI samada milik TUDM atau TD akan dinaik taraf melalui Program Naik Taraf Pesawat  NURI (NUP).  Paparan kokpik pesawat akan dinaik taraf kepada glass cockpit yang melibatkan sistem navigasi, komunikasi dan kebanyakan analog instrument yang lain.
Penaikkan taraf yang melibatkan system-sistem tersebut bakal mengurangkan  workload kepada juru terbang, meningkatkan keupayaan pesawat, mengurangkan berat keseluruhan pesawat, mudah untuk diselenggara dan dapat menyelesaikan obsolescence issue serta menjamin kemudahan bantuan selenggaraan berterusan di hadapan. MP

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Penyertaan APMM di LIMA’15

Lawatan Perdana Menteri ke kapal KM PERWIRA di Jeti Resort World
Langkawi 17 Mac- Sempena Pameran Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA’15), beberapa aktiviti yang akan disertai oleh Maritim Malaysia yang merupakan penyertaan kali ke-6  Maritim Malaysia (MM) di LIMA Langkawi. 

Sejumlah 9 aset laut agensi ini yang terlibat iaitu KM PERWIRA, KM MARLIN, KM SIAGIN, KM TENGGOL,  BOT  PENGGALANG 26, BOT  PENGGALANG 27, BOT  PENGGALANG 40, BOT PENYELAMAT 5 dan BOT KILAT 6.

Sementara 3 aset udara MM iaitu pesawat Bombardier, helicopter, Augusta dan Dauphin. Seramai 150 pegawai dan anggota lain-lain pangkat (LLP) penguatkuasa MM turut terlibat.
Antara aktiviti-aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh MM ialah:

1.       Pameran di dua lokasi iaitudi MIEC dan pameran kerjaya di Pavilion TLDM di Resort World yang dibuka setiap hari.
2.       Pameran di MIEC dibuka kepada pengunjung pada 20 dan 21 Mac 2015 (Jumaat dan Sabtu).
3.       Lawatan Perdana Menteri ke kapal KM PERWIRA di Jeti Resort World pada 17 Mac.
4.       Lawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri ke kapal KM PERWIRA di Jeti Resort World pada 18 Mac.
5.       Demonstrasi yang melibatkan 3 aset MM iaitu CLB415 dan 2 helikopter Dauphine dari 17 hingga 21 Mac 2015 di Resort World Langkawi.
6.       Majlis menandatangani Memorandum Persefahaman (MOU) perkongsian strategi  MM dengan Petronas. MP

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

LIMA'15 - Event Program

Bagi orang ramai yang bercadang ingin berkunjung ke Langkawi sempena LIMA'15 pada 17-21 mac ini bolehlah meneliti acara-acara yang telah disusun oleh penganjur melalui jadual seperti yang di lampirkan di bawah.

Semuga dengan adanya jadual ini memudahkan anda membuat perancangan rapi agar kunjungan anda sempena LIMA'15 dapat dimanfaatkan sepenuh.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

LIMA'15 Dijangka Lebih Hebat


Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2015 (LIMA'15) akan berlangsung  pada 17 hingga 21 Mac pada dasarnya sudah bersedia untuk menyambut  ketibaan syarikat-syarikat pempamer dari seluruh dunia.

Setakat ini sebanyak 512 syarikat  aeroangkasa dan maritim dari 36 buah negara telah mengesahkan penyertaan pada pameran kali ini.

Angka ini sekali gus telah melepasi angka sasaran LIMA'15 iaitu 476 syarikat pempamer yang dijangka sebelum ini dan  pertambahan sebanyak 79 buah syarikat (lebih 18% ) berbanding dengan penyertaan  LIMA'13 yakni 433 syarikat pempamer. Ini merupakan penyertaan terbesar dalam sejarah penganjuran LIMA.

LIMA'15 juga bakal mencatat rekod dalam siri penganjurannya dengan penyertaan terbesar dengan kehadiran 113 buah pesawat berbanding 78 buah pesawat pada LIMA'13.  Angka ini termasuk penyertaan kelompok 5 buah syarikat pengeluar utama helikopter dunia (top 5) iaitu Airbus Helikopters, Boeng, Sikorsky, Agusta Westland, Bell Helicopter serta penyertaan syarikat lain seperti MD Helicopters dan Russian Helicopters.

Selain pesawat,  penyertaan kapal pada LIMA'15 ini juga telah mencatat angka terbesar iaitu 65 buah kapal setakat ini berbanding penyertaan 63 buah kapal pada LIMA'13.

70 peratus daripada syarikat-syarikat aeroangkasa dan maritim terbesar dunia dengan market capitalization melebihi USD 500 billion turut menyertai LIMA'15.

Lima negara telah megesahkan penyertaan untuk pertunjukan aerobatik termasuk dari negara China yang belum pernah menyertaan mana-mana pameran aeroangkasa di luar China.

LIMA'15 akan menampilkan 17 negara pavilion termasuk pemain-pemain utama di peringkat antarabangsa dan serantau sepertiAmerika Syarikat, United Kindom, Korea Selatan, Australia, China dan Jepun. Malah LIMA'15 merupakan pameran pertama di dunia menerima pempamer dari jepun  berikutan kelonggaran sekatan eksport pertahanan Jepun pada 2014.

LIMA'15  bakal mencipta sejarah tersendiri dengan kehadiran Menteri Pertahanan Asean yang paling ramai melalui Mesyuarat Menteri-menteri PertahananAsean (ADMM) yang julung kali diadakan semasa LIMA. Antara agenda yang akan dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat ini merangkumi ancaman kumpulan Islamic State (IS) dan persediaan ASEAN menghadapinya.

Sebagai satu agenda strategik negara dalam usaha menambah daya tarikan pelancong, LIMA'15 merupakan penzahiran hasil dan teknologi terkini dalam bidang maritim dan aeroangkasa dengan meletakkan pameran ini sebaris dengan pameran-pameran pertahanan dan maritim utama dunia yang lain seperti International Defence Exhibition and Confrence (IDEX) dan Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (AVALON). MP


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